Integral Accounting X

Integral Accounting X is a complete cross-platform, multi-language accounting & ERP system with full source code and distribution rights. Implemented in the most widely used database & programming language in the world, MySQL  & PHP

Integral Accounting X Overview

Integral Accounting Enterprise X is Perfect for Software Developers, Consultants and Resellers!

Integral Accounting Enterprise X let's you “Do-It-Yourself!" Buy the Source Code and build your own accounting & ERP system with the exact features & functions you need!

Integral Accounting Enterprise X let's you “Do-It-Quickly!” The system already includes the accounting source code for most common accounting functions including financial statements, invoicing, and much more!

Starting at Only $14,999.99 USD for Full Source Code, Royalty Free Distribution, and Unlimited Users!

Integral Accounting Enterprise X includes all of the basic accounting system functionality you would expect from a normal Accounting & ERP system implemented within an environment which allows for maximum scalability and extendibility.

Integral Accounting Enterprise X operates completely over the Internet, allowing all of your employees to enter and share company data concurrently in real-time across town or across the world! Enter orders and check inventory from the field! Operates in real-time, so you always have the fastest access to the latest company data! Quickly spot trends and always have the latest information to help you make the best decisions! It has very simple user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to navigate.

Integral Accounting Enterprise X uses MySQL and PHP, the easiest to use most popular software platform available today!

Integral Accounting X is licensed on a per-site basis. There are no per user, per server, or per processor licensing fees or pricing, and nothing more to buy, Integral Accounting Enterprise X will run on any number of servers right out-of-the-box!

Integral Accounting Enterprise X is multi-currency, and supports various models of VAT Taxation that allow the software to be used globally!

Integral Accounting Enterprise X is multi-lingual, and ships with support many of the worlds most popular languages, including Arabic, Chinese - Simple, Chinese - Traditional, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Thai! Additional languages can be added easily!

Integral Accounting X Features

The system includes all of the basic accounting and ERP functionality you would expect from a commercial package including the following:

General Ledger Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable Order Entry
Quotes Ppurchasing
Inventory Management Job Costing

All of these features and implemented in an easy to understand manor that operates in exactly the way you would expect them to.

Integral Accounting X Advanced Features

Integral Accounting Enterprise X is multi-company, multi-division, multi-department, multi- warehouse, supports multiple bins per warehouse, allows for nearly unlimited customers, ship-to's, ship-for's, and vendors!

The system is also Multi-Currency and supports the tracking of currency values over time.

The system uses the latest technology including but not limited to the following:

MVC Architecture
Responsive HTML5 CSS Interface
PHP Bootstrap
MySQL with Stored Procedures

Integral Accounting X Typical Uses

Here are some of the scenarios our application is particularly well suited for:

Make your own full customizable ERP System  
A base ERP System to support your Vertical Applications  
A ERP System to support Geographically-Dispersed Companies  
An ERP System that supports Outsourced Department  
A hosted ERP Solution for your own customers  
An ERP System for Franchises  
An ERP System for Overseas Operations  

Complete Source Code Included

Integral Accounting Enterprise X includes complete source code for every part of the system, all of the tiers to the system, and all of the stored procedures. You can add fields, tables, add or modify any part of the system that you like, not just the front-end forms.

We do not charge extra for the stored procedures, and we do not charge extra for the business logic of the system, you receive all of the real source code for the complete system, not just an API, and you can modify the package specifically for your customers, integrate the package into one of your existing products, or build and private label your own accounting system.

How Integral Accounting X Benefits your Company!

Key Benefit - Technology

Integral Accounting X is implemented in the most popular, widely available, and easiest to use software technologies, MySQL and PHP. It can also run on ANY server platform that supports those technologies, including Windows, Mac, and Linux

This means that you can deploy our application using any platform that your company is accustomed to, and, easily make changes and find developers to work on your system due to the simplicity and widely-known nature of the underling technologies used.

Key Benefit - Price

We typically only sell our applications to developers, consultants, and Value-Added Resellers (VARS), and don't support end-users which greatly lowers our support costs, which allows us to focus on our technology and not on end-user support issues.

There are no per user fees or per connection fees, since we believe that it never made sense to us to charge extra for the exact same software just because a few more people may be using it.

There are no third party components or controls used in the software, so there is nothing additional to buy. If you don't already own the development tools necessary to get started with Integral Accounting Enterprise X, they are freely available over the Internet.

Key Benefit - Security

When you purchase our package, you receive the full and complete source code for the entire Integral Accounting Enterprise X system, which means you have -zero- reliance on software vendors and you are therefore protected from adversarial vendors and arbitrary price increases, and completely protected from vendor insolvency.

Your business intellectual property is protected since you can develop your own software based on your trade secrets in-house.

Your Investment is protected since the Integral Accounting Enterprise X package grows and scales with your company at no extra cost, and if your needs change you can re-implement your new needs within the software.

Your custom changes are protected. Integral Accounting Enterprise X is designed for customization and modification, and by following our simple design guidelines your custom changes to the software are protected from release to release.

Live On-Line Demo

You can test each and every feature of the Integral Accounting X package live on-line at at time you like at the following site:

Integral Accounting X Demo

If you have an questions about how the demo operates or questions about specific features or functions, please contact out sales department at or call 1-866-206-1863

Purchase Integral Accounting X

The Integral Accounting X Beta system, including all of the code you see running on the live demo site and all tables, stored procedures and business logic, starts at only $14,999.99 USD


The source code and program is shipped electronically.


Have any questions?

Please contact our sales people with any questions at 866-206-1863 or email

We can provide answers to any questions you may have and provide sample source code for our applications before your purchase.

Software Platforms & Tools

Integral Accounting X using the following software platforms and development tools with are free for download and non-commercial use:

Important Documents

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