What is Integral Accounting Enterprise X?

Integral Accounting Enterprise X is a complete ERP & Accounting System with complete source code and distribution rights

The system contains all of the modules you would expect from a standard ERP System, including GL, AR, AP, Inventory, and more!.

You can purchase the Integral Accounting Enterprise  package from us, Private Label it, customize it, and run it on any platform that supports PHP & MySQL, including, but not limited to, Windows Servers, Mac Servers, Unix Servers, Linux Servers, Azure, AWS, VPS, or Private site, and then offer the package as a Managed, Cloud ERP Solution to your own customers!

When you purchase the software, we provide you with the full source code! You can then do your private labeling, customization, and when you are finished, publish the application!

We can help you though this process, or, you can purchase the software and source code and do it yourself!

The complete system with full source code starts at only 14999 USD!

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System / Cloud Requirements

The following minimum requirements:

ANY Server that supports the following:

PHP 5+ Or Better
MySQL 5+ Or Better

Windows / Mac / Linux Unix
Cloud Providers like Azure / AWS / VPS

Other Cloud features like Disk Groups, backups, are recommended but not required, also add whatever else you feel you require to support your particular installation.


Software Requirements

The following software is required to develop and run the Enterprise X Software:

Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, Server
- or - Azure, AWS, VPS, other VM's
Responsive HTML5 CSS Frameworks
PHP 5 + MVC Architecture
MySQL 5+
Knowledge of MySQL Stored Procedures

ALL of the above listed software is either free or available for free with your Microsoft Action Pack!

Optional Requirements:
Navicat for MySQL
Optional PHP Frameworks like Storm


Microsoft Action Pack!

If you are a Microsoft Partner or a subscriber to the Microsoft Action Pack, you get a 100 USD per month Azure credit, which is enough for your own Microsoft Azure Demo Site! We can help you set-up your Azure environment or offer help and assistance to get your started!

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Latest Technology!

Integral Accounting Enterprise X uses the latest technology, including but not limited to:

Responsive HTML5 CSS Interface
Bootstrap PHP
MVC Architecture


Have any questions?

Please contact our sales people with any questions at 866-206-1863 or email


We can provide answers to any questions you may have and provide sample source code for our applications before your purchase.

Software Platforms & Tools

Integral Accounting X using the following software platforms and development tools with are free for download and non-commercial use:

Important Documents

List of documents to help you get more information about our software.